The best way to invest-Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund is a pool of money contributed by multiple investors which is further invested and managed by a professional fund manager. these investments are made in a range of instruments including stocs, bonds and other asset classes. A diversified and balanced form of investment, mutual funds allow investors to earn regular returns and also offer a liquidity in case of urgency.

The Main advantage of mutual funds are:

Higher Return:

Mutual funds have the potential to give higher returns, when compared to traditional investing options such as bank FDs, NSCs, PPF etc. The returns earned from most funds are exempt from taxes (equity) or offer attractive tax benefits (debt), when held for longer duration. You can build a sizeable amount investing in mutual funds, and benefit from the effect of compounding.


Mutual funds allow you to rebalance your portfolio to suit your needs. Depending upon your risk appetite, age and income, you have the flexibility to shift between equity and debt mutual funds.


Mutual fund investments can be redeemed as and when needed, providing easy liquidity. They come with little or no lock-in periods.

Now a days there is a lot of mutual funds in the market but we must be carefull before investing.


Systematic Investment Plan is the best way to invest. it is very convenient and disciplined way to approach investments. One can Pre-decide the investment amount and time duration according to their financial goal so lets start investing regularly through an SIP to achieve each and every goal of your life.

The major benefits of SIP

Aims to achieve financial goals

SIP is a convenient and disciplined way to approach investments. Pre-decide the investment amount and start investing regularly through an SIP to achieve your financial goals.

Brings in discipline

As you have to invest on a pre-set date every month, you set aside a fixed sum of money to invest and gradually turn into a disciplined investor.

Rupee Cost averaging

You can accumulate more units when the markets go down and less when they go up. Thus, you average out the cost of buying Mutual Fund units.

Power of compounding

The longer you stay invested, the more is the benefit of compounding. Hence, consider starting an SIP early and enjoy the power of compounding.

Market time

Investing through an SIP helps you avoid timing the market. it means worry free investing.